People You May Know

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Recent Publications & News

4/26/21 – “Dress Rehearsal,” “Now that You’ve Called Me by Name,” “That Old Sentimental Try,” and “The Wild & Merciless Arrows” in the new issue of Sprung Formal.

4/15/20 – “If Beauty Matters,” “In the Doldrums of Summer,” “Straight as the Crow Flies,” and “The Second Day” at Court Green.

1/25/21 – “During the Great Hummingbird Wars” forthcoming in Bennington Review.

11/17/20 – “In the Direction of Our House,” “On Domesticity,” and “The Last Sunday in July” in TYPO.

7/18/20 – “Against Long Island,” “One Hundred Days,” and “Someone Who Looked Just Like Me” at Trampoline.

7/15/20 – “In Lieu of Flowers” in the new issue of Tupelo Quarterly.

4/26/20 – “Good News Will Come” (a daily, month-long postcard exchange with Noah Falck) forthcoming in Ghost Proposal.

2/1/20 – “National Historic Battlefields” and “Poem for Koji Uehara” in the new issue of The Laurel Review.

A selection of online poems HERE.

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