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Recent Publications & News

5/3/17 – “Hypothetical Deathmatch,” “On the Horse Called Long Shot,” and “The Odd Ring of Reality” in the 30th anniversary issue of Columbia Poetry Review.

5/1/17 – “Something Like Pneumonia” and “Carved in the Tree of My Neighbor’s Backyard” in the new Powder Keg Magazine.

3/2/17 – “Fear of Drowning” and “Let’s Go Shoot a Hole in the Moon” in Pinwheel.

2/16/17 – “Without Streets We Can’t Go Anywhere” and “You Know It’s Nearly Spring” in the new The Laurel Review.

2/11/17 – “Flowers of the Fields” and “Subjunctive Human Bingo” in the new issue of Forklift, Ohio.

2/2/17 – “Every Goddamn Thing an Epilogue” forthcoming in Fence.

1/31/17 – “Watershed” in Parcel.

1/26/17 – “These Things Astonish Me,” “Escape into the Day,” and “Crossing Pontchartrain” in Diode Poetry Journal.

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A selection of online poems HERE.

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