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Recent Publications & News

2/2/17 – “Every Goddamn Thing an Epilogue” forthcoming in Fence.

1/31/17 – “Watershed” in the new issue of Parcel.

1/26/17 – “These Things Astonish Me,” “Escape into the Day,” and “Crossing Pontchartrain” in the 10th anniversary issue of Diode Poetry Journal.

12/14/16 – “Forever Is Composed of Nows” and “Taking Your Half of the Middle” forthcoming in Crazyhorse.

12/12/16 – “People You May Know” in the new issue of Ghost Proposal.

12/7/16 – “Hypothetical Deathmatch,” “On the Horse Called Long Shot,” and “The Odd Ring of Reality” forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review.

12/2/16 – “ideas more than things” and “saying no more says something” in the new issue of Colorado Review.

11/28/16 – “Amarillo Catches Fire in the Distance” and “Museum of the Departed” nominated for Pushcart Prizes.

10/28/16 – “Flowers of the Fields” and “Subjunctive Human Bingo” forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio.

10/15/16 – “Crumbs Fit Such Little Mouths” in the new issue of Tupelo Quarterly.

10/11/16 – “A Bull in China” in the debut issue of The Arkansas International.

10/7/16 – Review of In Memory of Brilliance & Value by Patrick Whitfill at the Kenyon Review.

9/26/16 – “Without Streets We Can’t Go Anywhere” and “You Know It’s Nearly Spring” forthcoming in The Laurel Review.

9/12/16 – “All Lined Up” and “Two Lanes Clear” at Map Literary.

7/31/16 – “Fear of Drowning” and “Let’s Go Shoot a Hole in the Moon” forthcoming in Pinwheel.


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