Poems & Essays


“Dress Rehearsal,” “Now that You’ve Called Me by Name,” “That Old Sentimental Try,” and “The Wild & Merciless Arrows” in Sprung Formal, April 2021

“If Beauty Matters,” “In the Doldrums of Summer,” “Straight as the Crow Flies,” and “The Second Day” in Court Green, April 2021

“In the Direction of Our House,” “On Domesticity,” and “The Last Sunday in July” in TYPO, November 2020

“Against Long Island,” “One Hundred Days,” and “Someone Who Looked Just Like Me” at Trampoline, July 2020

“In Lieu of Flowers” in the new issue of Tupelo Quarterly, July 2020

“Good News Will Come” (a daily, month-long postcard exchange with Noah Falck) forthcoming in Ghost Proposal, April 2020

“The Twentieth Century,” “On Learning of a Friend’s Divorce,” and “Cricket Hill” in Court Green, December 2019

A dossier of six “Literary Graves” in Court Green, December 2019

Goodnight, Whoever You Are” in Pine Hills Review, May 2019

“Death of the American Hobo” in Bear Review, October 2018

“Something Like Pneumonia” and “Carved in the Tree of My Neighbor’s Backyard” in Powder Keg Magazine, May 2017

“Fear of Drowning” and “Let’s Go Shoot a Hole” in Pinwheel, March 2017

Three Poems in Diode Poetry Journal, January 2017

“People You May Know” in Ghost Proposal, December 2016

“You Know It’s Nearly Spring” in The Laurel Review, December 2016

“Crumbs Fit Such Little Mouths” in Tupelo Quarterly, October 2016

A Leg to Stand On,” “Your Drunken Kisses,” and “Rehearsal” in Word For/Word, October 2016

“All Lined Up” and “Two Lanes Clear” in Map Literary, September 2016

“Plum Sea” in Masque & Spectacle, March 2016

“[you burn smoother…]” and “[burn the coffee…]” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, February 2016

“from Square Etiquette” and “[lift, drink water that carves these falls]” in A Poetry Congeries, November 2015

We Have Bad Dreams” and “Road to the Airport” in Transom, August 2015

“Poem for Beachheads & Briars” at Poem-a-Day, July 2015

“What Really Happened” and “Opening Night at the Discotheque” in Jet Fuel Review, April 2015

“Before It’s a Memory It’s a Photograph” in TYPO, March 2015

“Postcard to Hadara Bar-Nadav” in Sink Review, March 2015

Three Poems in Kettle Blue Review, April 2015

“Parking Lots of Hell” at So and So Magazine, January 2015

“Highway to the Hills” in The Adroit Journal, December 2014

“Red Carpet” and “Way the Land Lies” in Coconut, August 2014

“Sideward & Leisurely Crumbles the Heart’s Presidio” in Hyperallergic, July 2014

“Valedictions” and “The Friendly Confines” in Souvenir, June 2014

“Cargo at the Curb” and “Innumerable Gibbons” in H_NGM_N, May 2014


“When It’s Gone, It’s Everywhere: Jake Adam York’s ‘Narcissus incomparabilis‘” in Pilot Light, 2013

“Statement: [After cutting across the south lawn…]” in Poets for Living Waters, 2010

“A Wolf in Grandma’s Clothes: Undressing the Prose Poem” in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry (edited by Gary L. McDowell and F. Daniel Rzicznek), Rose Metal Press, 2010